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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reminder: Park[ing] Day LA is this Friday

Just a quick reminder that Park[ing] Day LA - the day to draw attention to the fact that LA is one of the most park-poor major cities in the United States - is coming to an urban area near you this Friday.

In previous articles here on the subject, GPW discussed both the need and the reasons that every time a budget cut comes down the line, parks are always cut first in this town.

From the Park[ing] Day LA people:  

The third annual Park[ing] Day LA, which will be on Friday, September 18th, will bring together a diverse constituency of community groups, neighborhood councils, design & architecture firms, professional organizations, non-profits, cyclists & pedestrian advocates as they work together to transform numerous parking spaces & parking lots located throughout LA into ephemeral parks for the day. By occupying a parking spot and feeding the meter, volunteers will enhance the street with a sustainably designed pocket-park.

People need healthy parks! Start by making a statement and enjoying Park[ing] Day LA!