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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Historic Sturtevant's Camp abandoned by firefighters!

UPDATE: as of 1:15 9/3/09, the LA Times is reporting that big Santa Anita Canyon, Sturtevant's Camp, and Chantry Flats are safe.... for now. This does not change the fact that the Forest Service chose to allow these historic places to remain inside their cut fire breaks.


This shocking update on important historic and recreation resources from US Forest Service volunteer Lee Zebold:

As of 1 PM Weds afternoon 9/02...
I have just received word from a Forest Service briefing that they are going to let Chantry Flat and Big Santa Anita Canyon burn. The Station fire is to the west and they have cut a fire break to the east. This canyon is home to 80 historic cabins, 113-year-old Sturtevant's Camp, and the last pack station in Southern California (Adams Pack Station). It would be a shame to lose this piece of history. This canyon is a living museum and as much a part of LA history as the Observatory. I do not understand why they will not fight to preserve it.

As of 7 PM Tues. night 9/01...
The Pavilion still stands (lookout Pavilion at Inspiration Point); It appears that the entire Mount Lowe Railway roadbed from Cape of Good Hope to the Alpine Tavern site has been burned over.” Fire has moved through the Charlton Flats area. The status of Vetter Tower is unknown. Fire has overtaken the Chilao area. Engine 16 evacuated yesterday. The status of Newcombs Ranch is unknown. (Newcomb's Ranch reportedly has survived! - GPW) Fire has run up Mount Mooney. The status of Stony Ridge Observatory is unknown. Hidden Springs Cafe is gone. The Wildwood House is gone (...where we have our monthly Forest Service volunteer meetings in Big Tujunga Cyn) Shortcut Fire Station ( below the tower) is damaged but is still standing. Mike Smith and JR Rivera (local Forest Service employees) have lost their homes. Monte Christo Fire Station lost one structure and all residences, and the station may be gone. The Abbey has been evacuated.