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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hand-fed coyotes bite two in Griffith Park, lose their lives for it

It happened again last week - twice. People near Mineral Wells in Griffith Park were bitten by coyotes who were expecting to be hand-fed. State and Federal authorities trapped a number of coyotes, and seven were killed. For the record, this action is state and federal policy and has nothing to do with the Department of Recreation and Parks.  Regardless of whose policy it is, if someone else is bit by a coyote because of people illegally hand feeding them, then more animals will pay the price for their illegal activities.


You - the people doing this - whoever you are, you are costing these animals their lives and people are getting hurt. Stop with the selfish, misguided activity and get a clue.


We can't be any less subtle about this stupidity - when humans feed wildlife, everyone loses. Knock it off.

As we said in our first important article about Coyotes in Griffith Park, the cost is way too high.

Here is link to an SFist article where the same terrible thing happened in Golden Gate Park, with the same deadly result - go figure. (image above is from this article)

Link to the LA Times article on the latest Griffith Park incident.