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Friday, February 6, 2015

GPW endorses ABO for CD4 -- "Anyone But O'Grady"

Update 2/27/15 - the plot thickens:

1. The LA Times published this piece on O'Grady yesterday about mismanagement of his non-profit and the mixing of that and his campaign. The mismanagement described isn't heinous, but what it illustrates is a personality trait of concern - when one thinks their 'shit don't stink', they start playing fast and loose with things like money, and regulation. The non-profit issues are fundamental things that anyone in the management of a non-profit would know better than to engage in, so there ya go.

2. Jack Humphreyville seems to have backpeddled and now supports Sheila Irani for CD 4. You should read the CD 4 sections of Jack's CityWatch article today. The list of who has private expenditure committees and where their funding comes from is very useful. Going from that list, I'd strike not only O'Grady (goes without saying) and Veres, but Ryu and possibly Knox from getting my vote...

3. We should remind everyone that O'Grady HATES Friends of Griffith Park. So much for the environmentalist, eh? That should tell you everything you need to know if you care about Griffith Park.

On to Tuesday. Good luck CD 4. You deserve better than some of these candidates.


The LA Times endorses Sheila Irani for CD 4! Thank goodness some sense has returned to the high profile endorsement arena. 

Meanwhile, candidate Steve Veres has some serious conflict of interest issues brewing. So OK - vote Anyone But O'Grady or Veres.

Been away from blogging for a little while to concentrate on High Speed Rail and major impacts on the Angeles National Forest and on Los Angeles' drinking water.  But the following requires commentary, now.

The CD4 primary election in early March just took a frightening turn: the LA Daily News endorsed both Teddy Davis and Tomas O'Grady yesterday. Davis is allegedly stating that it was his endorsement alone, so I think we'd all like to hear how this changed. That aside, given this frightening DN news, Griffith Park Wayist is making our endorsement right now for CD 4: 

VOTE ABO - Anyone But O'Grady! Lord knows GPW has written about past O'Grady tactics in real-time here during his tenure on the board of the Neighborhood Council Formerly Known As "Greater Griffith Park" and the run-up to the last CD 4 election. Nothing has changed, except the guy's patience, planning and guile, it appears.

To remind yourself of those fun times, just run a search on keyword Tomas O'Grady on this blog.

I've been told that LAUSD moms have totally fallen for the adopted O'Grady persona, and now the Daily News has as well. Scary stuff.

Vote ABO- Anyone But O'Grady for CD 4 and don't make that mistake.

O'Grady is the worst choice for Griffith Park, flat-out.  Here's a list of all the others who would, to a person, be a better choice:
  • Carolyn Ramsey
  • Sheila Irani
  • Teddy Davis
  • Joan Pelico
  • Jay Beeber
  • Tara Bannister
  • Mike Schaefer
  • Rostom Sarkissian
  • Step Jones
  • Fred Mariscal
  • Wally Knox
  • Steve Veres David Ryu

Vote ABO- Anyone But O'Grady

Good luck, CD 4.

Back to High Speed Rail craziness... for now.