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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

San Gabriel Mts may be included in new National Recreation Area

Kind of ironic that as the San Gabriels basically burn down before our very eyes, the National Parks Service is looking at making them part of a National Recreation Area.

Will there be anything left to save?

Details from the Community Hiking Club (Santa Clarita):

The National Park Service has drafted a special resources study with 3 bold alternatives. The alternatives include a proposal to incorporate our local San Gabriel Mountains into a new National Recreation Area (NRA). An NRA could mean great things for the San Gabriels. The National Park Service (NPS) wants to hear what you have to say. Without your positive input, these proposals do not stand a chance of going forward.

(In a series of community meetings,)... the NPS will be making a presentation beginning at 7:00 PM, followed by a chance for public comment. If the National Recreation Area proposal is to have any chance of becoming a reality, we need your support at (these meetings). An NRA would better protect the San Gabriel Mountains backcountry, improve water quality, connect communities to the mountains and improve recreational access with a new urban parks and trails system.

The draft “San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resources Study” has found that the San Gabriel Mountains are nationally significant, which means that they are eligible for more federal resources and rangers. The mountain range could be incorporated in a new San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area, a very special designation that other mountain ranges like the Santa Monica Mountains have benefited from since 1978.

Opponents of these proposals will no doubt be there, too, including people who want to see more motorcycle and jeep trails in our forest backcountry—so we need you to be there so our voices are heard! This proposal could help bring new recreational resources to the historically under-funded Angeles National Forest. Recreational opportunities such as wilderness hiking; fishing and picnicking could see a tremendous boost with this new study, please visit for more background and details.
Community Meetings:

El Monte
Monday, August 31st
7pm - 9pm
City of El Monte Senior Center
3120 N. Tyler Avenue

Diamond Bar
Wednesday, September 2nd
7pm - 9pm
Diamond Bar Center Ballroom
1600 S. Grand Avenue

Santa Clarita
Thursday, September 3rd
7pm - 9pm
George A. Caravalho Activities Center
Santa Clarita Room A
20880 Centre Point Parkway

Monday, September 14th
7pm - 9pm
Glendora Public Library
140 South Glendora Avenue

Tuesday, September 15th
7pm - 9pm
Larry Chimbole Cultural Center,
Lilac Room 38350