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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Station Fire wildland restoration discussion begins

With the Station Fire now being the largest and costliest in the history of Los Angeles County, one can imagine that mitigating the damage done will be on a similar scale. The fire isn't yet contained, but the "restoration" efforts are already starting.

When we read things like the below, it makes us enviro-types a little nervous, although the inclusion of the Theodore Payne Foundation in the discussion helps. TreePeople and the Mayor's Million Tree program aren't exactly rigorous in their methodology (or their accounting). Maybe someone from the Foothills communities ought to start by reading Rec and Park's excellent Griffith Park Fire Recovery Plan (Powerpoint summary here). Many outstanding authorities in a number of fields contributed to the actual document. It doesn't seem to be available online, so a request to Rec and Parks may be needed to get a copy.

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this complex issue. Also, if you have any info on who may have started this monster on Wednesday August 26th at approximately 3:30pm near mile marker 29 on SR2, the reward has reached $150,000 and growing. Call 323 890 5500 with any info.
Reforesting Our Land
Beginning efforts to coordinate
Monday, Sept 14th at Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council's Land Use Committee,
7pm, 7747 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga - North Valley City Hall

Special Guests:  US Dept of Forestry,  Theodore Payne Foundation and, Million Tree Project, along with our usual staff from City Council District 2

Please join us for the early planning.  The project includes planning for how to deal with several inches of acidic ash in these areas, photographing and assessment of specific areas, sandbagging and preparing for run off from the rains (to protect human life and specific areas of natural seeding) and the manual seeding where needed, the protection of natural seeding processes as well as the planting of native shrubs and trees. All that plant life helps give us clean air, and has for eons, we now need to give back and nurture it back to life. Its a huge undertaking and many hands will need to be mobilized.  If you can be a mobilizing person in your area, please come! LA thanks you!