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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fate of the Dawn Mine way station

In the wake of the Station Fire, the fate of the Dawn Mine way station, a perennial favorite with hikers enjoying the historic Mt. Lowe hiking complex, is now known. Sadly, it is no more. But our friend Lee Zebold says that it will be rebuilt, and we'll let you know when the opportunity to assist comes up.

A message circulated to the Mt. Lowe volunteers earlier this week went thusly:
The Volunteers NEVER GIVE UP

We will rebuild our rebuilt Dawn Mine Way Station….after losing it in the Station Fire
From John Harrigan to the group send 9/22/09
“I am going to try to put together a detailed parts list to rebuild the Dawn Station Structure. I did the original drawing, but there were several items that we did on the mountain that are now fuzzy in my mind. If any of you have photos of the original construction, I would appreciate a copy of the photo, 500k or better. This may not happen until after the first of the year because I assume we have approvals to obtain for the funding and building, and I have several electrical fire damage problems on Mt. Wilson that I have to take care of first. Thanks, John Harrigan.”
Lee Zebold forwarded these photos of the destruction and from when the Mt. Lowe volunteers rebuilt the replica of the original kiosk back in 1998.

As for the monstrous Station Fire, it is 98% contained as of today but firefighters now say that due to the incredibly rugged wilderness where the fire is still burning, full containment will not be possible and they must give up the fire fight. The Station Fire will basically burn until it rains enough to extinguish it.  No structures are threatened as the fire makes its way into very remote wilderness... Seems eerily fitting for the giant untamed beast this fire has become.

The investigation is still underway as to who started this deadly fire, and the reward of $150,000 is still out there for information leading to an arrest.