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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Station Fire forces LA Zoo Evacuation, too

The Station Fire actually forced an evacuation of the Los Angeles Zoo today. Firefighters were unable to guarantee that the Wildlife Waystation in Little Tujunga Canyon would not be overrun by the Station Fire, so a complete evacuation was ordered. At least two chimpanzees were sent to the LA Zoo in Griffith Park, where they promptly escaped!

From the AP: "Zoo spokesman Jason Jacobs says the female chimps fled Tuesday afternoon, prompting zoo visitors to evacuate. One chimp made her way to the small primates and bird exhibit before being tranquilized about 20 minutes later. The other climbed over the fence and into Griffith Park. She was spotted about an hour later and was led into the back of a truck by her trainer. They were among 400 animals, including lions and tigers, that were evacuated from the Wildlife Waystation as a giant wildfire burns in the Angeles National Forest."

The end of the Wildlife Waystation story is that they were unable to completely evacuate, and firefighters started a very large backfire Monday evening to protect the large facility.

As for the escapees? It sure didn't take long for these chimps to figure out how to get loose in the park, did it? Folks, here is another perfect example of why Park Rangers are needed in LA's large regional parks! Resource management, which includes wildlife, is part of their mission, and part of their training. If you are going to stick a zoo inside a wildlife park, you had better have public safety officers in the park who have more than a clue on how to handle escapees.

Additional: Wildlife Waystation is asking for donations to help with this massive evacuation. If you would like to help out, please go to their web site.