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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lance Armstrong's Tour de Griffith

All Lance Armstrong had to do was tweet that he was going for a little bike ride in Griffith Park this morning, and 500 people showed up to go with him.

No sign of Mr. "Tour LaBonge", either.  About time Tom's staff gets up to date with that Twitter thang.

Notice the, ....over-bearing Office of Public Safety officer trying to act tough in this video. OPS's instinct consistently seems to be obstructive rather than proactive - completely against how the energy of a parks department should feel to the people it serves.

Hey! Armstrong taking a little ride in Griffith is FUN, Officer Whateveryournameis.  Lighten up! And go do some real damn work for a change!

Meanwhile, this afterthought from Lance's Twitter page:
Great ride in Griffith Park. Thanks, LA! And thanks to the LAPD for the help. Off to Montreal. . .                                                from UberTwitter
Lance Armstrong thinks he was talking to LAPD!

LAPD probably doesn't mind the vicarious publicity, but we know for damn sure they don't want to be mistaken for an agency that is commanded by people who LAPD would never hire for a variety of reasons. (we'll elaborate on that another time.)

Here's a link to the LA Times article with a much nicer picture...