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Monday, August 10, 2009

Park(ing) Day LA: A Cry for Parks and Public Space

When you add up all the park land in town, Los Angeles turns out to be the most park-poor large city in the United States. If you remove Griffith Park from the total, you basically cut the total park acreage in Los Angeles by HALF.

Park(ing) Day LA is one way to draw attention to this issue. It should be pointed out, though, that simply adding park land is not the answer to Los Angeles's problems. With each new acre of park land added, there MUST be funding and positions added to the Department of Recreation and Parks' budget for maintenance, programming, and public safety/park rangers.

The addition of the means to care and service new park land should be required, and a City Charter amendment may be needed to see that the citizens of Los Angeles get the sustainable parks and the true social justice they deserve.

Park(ing) Day LA is September 18, 2009


By Stephen Box (SoapboxLA)

Park[ing] Day LA is underway and activists, artists, urban planners and neighborhood councils are preparing to step up to the curb, place a quarter in the meter and then transform curbside park[ing] space into temporary parks, all in an effort to stir a dialogue on public space. The East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, holding the title of park-poorest NC in the city, will be [re]claiming public space and building a Recreation Center on Heliotrope, installing a swimming pool, grilling up food on a bbq, entertaining guests with music and volleyball, creating live art and challenging the community to imagine a neighborhood with ... brace yourself...parks within walking distance of the people!

Organized by Alfredo "the Park Czar" Hernandez, the East Hollywood NC is planning a demonstration of Parkland Alchemy as the "temporary" park is transformed, the next day, into a permanent park within the NC boundaries.

LA Guerrilla Garden[ing] will be taking all of the drought resistant native plants used on Park[ing] Day and will build a small park for the community as a demonstration of the "leave things better than you found them" commitment of the Park[ing] Day LA grass roots movement.

LA's Greensters will be handling all the heavy-lifting needs for the East Hollywood transformation from temporary park to permanent park, utilizing Xtracycles, trailers and wagons in a pedal-powered display of sustainable transportation and as a demonstration of fact that LA is simply a great place to ride a bike!

Recycled Movie, the production company that turns kids into movie moguls, will have their recycling trailer on site throughout the event and will be documenting Park[ing] Day LA while fulfilling their mandate to make recycling a routine activity that puts kids to work and also funds their filmmaking endeavors.

Park[ing] Day originated in San Francisco in 2005 when (Re)Bar, a small group of artists, opened eyes worldwide by transforming a metered park[ing] spot into a park-for-a-day. That simple act served as a significant commentary on the lack of quality open space in American cities and resulted in Park[ing] Day celebrations around the world. This is the third annual Park[ing] Day LA and participants have engaged their communities with a wide variety of parks and public space perspectives, all of them challenging the status quo.

The EHNC Park[ing] Day LA activities are designed to engage the community, stir a dialogue, provide a venue for a celebration and to simply "change the world!" This ambitious and visionary project is a clear demonstration that the future of LA's open space requires us all to ...Step up to the curb, look at all of that public space and ask "Why not?"

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