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Friday, August 7, 2009

Remembrance for Lily Burk this Sunday

This is not quite about Griffith Park, but close enough as it affects the entire community. The service for Lily Burk will be at Barnsdall Art Park on Sunday.

From Lily's parents:

A remembrance for Lily Burk, daughter of Greg Burk and Deborah Drooz, will be held Sunday, August 9, at 4:30pm. Location: The Great Lawn at Barnsdall Art Park, 4800 Hollywood Blvd., eastern Hollywood, California 90027. The park is on a steep hill with many stairs. However, shuttle vehicles will be available to assist. Parking is limited. But watch for signs and parking attendants; we may be procuring some space from nearby Kaiser.

We have been greatly moved by the outpouring of support. No more flowers or gifts, though, please; we are swamped. For any who wish to donate, Lily’s favorite charity was Homeless Health Care Los Angeles, at which she volunteered in the needle-exchange program.

Your friends,
Greg and Deborah