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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yet Another Museum Has Eyes on 'Free Land' in Griffith

Did you know that someone in City Council District Four was quietly entertaining the idea of handing over Griffith Park land to a private entity yet again. In this case, maybe someone who absolutely idolizes Walt Disney? (Councilman Tom LaBonge) Isn't the Autry abomination enough, sir?

So what are we talking about: according to, the new (Walt) Disney Family Museum currently being constructed at the Presidio in San Francisco was slated to be built on.... Griffith Park land. According to a quote in the comments section of the article:

...but a source close to the Walt Disney Family Foundation ... writes that:

The Presidio site was chosen for its historic interest, proximity to the Millers’ homes in San Francisco and Napa, and the fact that their Family Foundation already occupies space in the Presidio near the Lucas Letterman campus. There was initially some talk of siting the museum in Griffith Park, but it was decided that there was potential confusion about the Museum’s ties to the Company by being located so close to the Studio and Corporate Headquarters. The cooperation and collaboration with the Company is unprecedented and quite friendly, and has the full support and enthusiasm of many Disney businesses from Bob Iger down. Disney is providing full access to their photo collection and film libraries, as well as the loan of several key objects...

As far as anyone can determine, it looks like the construction in SF puts an end to this idea. However, if some piece of land had been proffered to the Disney family, they may come back to it in the future with new plans for development.

It would be nice to hear from the council office exactly which parcel was on the table.