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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Different park, familiar issues

These meetings might be about different Los Angeles parks, but it is scary how similar our issues are.  Just as an example, the Army Corps decided to conduct simultaneous Master Plan processes at Hansen Dam and Sepulveda Basin (surprise!) and it was only through this email that individual parks users learned of this.  -GPW

The next meeting of the Friends of Lake Balboa will be held this Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. and will feature Los Angeles Police Department Senior Lead Officer for the park, David Ham.  There will also be a presentation and discussion about the 2010 Persian New Year Festival (Nooruz) scheduled to be held at Lake Balboa on April 4.  The agenda is attached as well as copied and pasted below. The minutes of the previous meeting held on September 24, 2009 were emailed to members and posted on the website on November 6, 2009.  Hard copies will be available at the meeting.

Please visit the Friends of Lake Balboa website,, new since our last meeting and recently updated with additional photos and news articles.  Please let us know what you think and forward any suggestions for any additions.

Lastly, for the first time in nearly 30 years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is updating the Sepulveda Basin Master Plan.  Whether the future of Lake Balboa/Beilenson Park is a better one (or not) will be impacted by the decisions made during this process.  Your attendance and participation at the first public meeting being held on this update is important; join us Saturday, December 5, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Sepulveda Garden Center, 16633 Magnolia Blvd., Encino  (see attached flyer).

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of the Friends.  We hope to see you on Thursday (and Saturday).

Glenn Bailey and Kerri Barton, Co-Chairs
Friends of Lake Balboa

Friends of Lake Balboa
Department of Recreation and Parks, City of Los Angeles

Meeting Notice and Agenda
Thursday, December 3, 2009, 6:30 p.m.

Tillman Water Reclamation Plant Conference Room, 6100 Woodley Avenue

1.       Call To Order, Self-Introductions
2.       Review/Corrections/Approval of Minutes September 24, 2009
3.       Public Comments (for items not on agenda)
4.        Public Safety Update (LAPD, OPS)
a.       Guest Speaker:  LAPD Senior Lead Officer David Ham
b.      LAPD Volunteer Horse Patrol
c.       Office of Public Safety
5.       Department of Recreation and Parks Lack Of Support For Friends of Lake Balboa
a.       Tim Johnson’s replacement is Jeremy Thomas (e-mail address:, telephone number remains the same (818)756-7667 
b.      Possible alternative daytime meeting?
c.       Future meetings schedule and location

6.       Persian New Year (Nooruz) Festival, April 2010
7.       Aquatics
a.       Previous Recommendations, Requests, and Pending Items (see list)
8.       Department of Recreation and Parks Report:   Previous Meeting  Updates
a.       Previous Recommendations, Requests, and Pending Items (see list)
9.       Department of Recreation and Parks Report:  New Items 
10.   Bull Creek Ecosystem Restoration
a.       Graffiti removed from MTA busway bridge
b.      Static water (e-mail from Steve Moe)
c.       Shopping carts in Bull Creek
11.   Park Rangers - Lack Of Deployment At Regional Parks
12.   Events at Lake Balboa And The RAP “Special Events Calendar”
a.       WeSPARK Cancer Support Center 5K Run, November 8, 2009 included Bull Creek
b.      Turkey Run, November 26, 2009
c.       Other runs and special events, including possible Music Festival in 2010
13.   Sepulveda Basin Master Plan Update Public Meeting:  Saturday, December 5, 2009 10 am - 2 pm at the Sepulveda Garden Center, 16633 Magnolia Blvd., Encino
14.    Proposed Ball Field Project Adjacent to Lake Balboa – Any Update?
15.   F.O.L.B. Website:           (Comments to Glenn Bailey)
16.   Additional Public Comments (for items not on the agenda)
17.   Next Meeting:  Thursday, January 28, 2009 at 6:30 p.m.  Location?  (Agenda items to Kerri Barton (818) 891-4816 Email:
18.   Adjournment