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Thursday, December 31, 2009

GPW's predictions for 2010

Goodbye 2009 - a year of political diamonds and rust.

As 2009 slips away, the writers at Griffith Park Wayist would like to share some of our predictions and prognostications for 2010 with our readers.

The State of California's internal budget situation will cause a social services crisis heretofore unseen. Counties and cities scramble to find ways to cover those losses while an unprecedented number of related non-profits disappear completely.

Meanwhile, the Federal government finally takes over the State's overcrowded prison system in 2010 when State government fails to reduce the prison population by almost the almost 50,000 the Feds are requiring.

Local activists fail to realize the importance of the new California Redistricting Committee and allow that group to form and present their first draft of the State's new districts, which is met by activists with helpless outrage.

Locally, as the City of Los Angeles' real budget deficit approaches nearly $1 billion:

While causing unimaginable chaos, E-RIP fails to bring any relief to 2009's bottom line, eventually hitting the books more than a year later than it was both needed and anticipated, in part due to the fact that no one is left in Personnel to process the retirements.

At least one local political blogger makes major local news this year, and not in a positive fashion. Another local political blogger not called Zuma Dogg runs for a major public office. Yet another local blogger throws up their hands, divests, and becomes a bag lady.

Special City programs with high-powered guardians become rabid yet untouchable internal thieves and bullies (Greuel's  Office of Public Safety), while others inexplicably continue to survive (LaBonge's Sister Cities program).

With a budget that ideally should be approaching $175 million, the Department of Recreation and Parks becomes the biggest victim of the Mayor's hatchet in 2010 as all non-self-sustaining recreation programs are unceremoniously cut, leaving the department to operate as a $75 million parks and golf course maintenance agency. Some excuse is manufactured to fire the department's GM when he attempts to fight for recreation in Los Angeles but the public - who is too bruised and battered themselves - completely and utterly fails to muster any outrage. The GM is replaced with a universally hated Yes-Man or Yes-Woman with a southern drawl and a cowboy hat.

The Los Angeles Times finally gives up its print edition for good, while the Daily News fares only slightly better. They are also forced to give up their City Hall offices. David Zahniser starts his own competing news blog and thoroughly kicks the Times' ass.

At least one Antonio Villaraigosa love child surfaces.

Beginning with some of the original NC movement leaders, Neighborhood Councils see the start of a mass exodus from a process so bogged down with certifiable lunatic soapboxers and bureaucratic garbage that absolutely nothing positive can be accomplished by then through their process. 

The Festival of Lights goes bye-bye.... crocodile tears all around.

Finally, as the year comes to a close, having been unable to fight the putrid cesspit that is business as usual in Los Angeles sucessfully, Paul Krekorian faces major opposition to re-election in CD2. This time, however, the activists in Sunland find themselves split internally and fighting much of the rest of the district as to who best to replace him.

Happy New Fresh Hell Year, everyone! WhooHoo!