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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Potpouri du jour

Wild Will Campbell makes a once in a lifetime opportunity pay off with the absolute coolest wildlife photo you'll ever see at an opera venue.

What on earth is going on with the LAPD and bicycle riders in Los Angeles?  Last Friday, officers in a single LAPD cruiser seemed to have lost their theoretically well-trained minds when a mass of cyclists much too large for them to handle passed by.  This is starting to look like Vietnam protests all over again or something.

Completely surreal, but the fight for the right to ride safely in Los Angeles is all too real as yet another rider is hit on local streets. I've actually been afraid to ride on the streets since I moved to LA. Maybe it's time to dust off my road bike and jump into the civil disobedience in the name of public safety and environmentally friendly means of transportation, 'cause this bizarro-world police response needs some serious correcting right now.

Speaking of bizarro-world, you know you're helplessly trapped there when the cold-blooded assassination of four Lakewood police officers by a guy sentenced to nearly 100 years yet pardoned by Mike Huckabee gets just third billing to local "kick a ginger day" nonsense.

Bloody hell.

The only consolidation in this horrific tale is that an alert Seattle police officer saved his own life while simultaneously saving the taxpayers potentially a lot of money early this morning. I'm looking forward to the arrest and trial of the six or seven "citizens" who helped Maurice Clemmons carry out his psycho attack and evade capture, and the imminent micro-examination of Huckabee's role along with the Pierce County judge who set bail on Clemmons - a career piece of filth - at just $150,000 for the alleged rape of a twelve-year old. Lakewood, which is near LA-gang-infested Tacoma, Washington, has only been an incorporated municipality for approximately a decade. Lakewood police are considered top-notch, often appearing with Pierce County sheriff officers on the Cops tv series, where I've seen them many times. The thoughts of everyone at GP Wayist go out to the entire Lakewood citizenry and western Washington law enforcement staff and families.