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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lookin for dude booty in Griffith Park

From Twitter two days ago:

KevinTheFighter   Here's a grown man just hanging out in cold ass Griffith Park. Why? Probably looking for dude booty...smh...

Bad news is that Kevin is probably correct. Lewd conduct, or "booty call",  is not something anyone should be going to any of our City parks to find. In fact, it shouldn't be on a top-100 list of reasons to go to a park. But in Los Angeles, it is nearly epidemic.  

Hey you park booty-seekers:  get a damn hotel room like everybody else and keep your shit biohazard out of the parks that we, and our children, play in.

Too bad KevinThe Fighter didn't get the guy's license plate. The guy's S.O./wife would probably like to know what he's been up to during those long lunches.