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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GP Light Festival: "Dat shit was backed up 2 Glendale"

Just one of the many reasons that the Holiday Light Festival in Griffith Park is an Eco-Moron Award winner:

Diskedo   Tried 2watch da Light shw @ Griffith park last nite! Didn't! Dat shit was backed up 2 Glendale ! We ll hit it up again 2night wish us luck
about 4 hours ago from Tweetie

Cathyroxx    Ok so I went to see lights on Griffith park & it was a complete of my precious time lol we got stuck on traffic for 2 hours just 2 see...
about 13 hours ago from Twitterrific

Totaltrafficla   Griffith Park 5S is slow 134 to Los Feliz. 5N is slow 2 to Glendale Blvd slowing is due to Griffith Park Observatory Christmas lights
about 14 hours ago from web

OzzyFavela   Griffith Park Christmas Lights here we come. Can't wait, but traffic is horrible.
about 14 hours ago from web