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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scout project adds much needed steps to popular path

Despite a fire on the other side of the canyon, a popular path in Amir's Garden successfully had some major improvements completely yesterday courtesy of a dedicated Scout troop. A number of stairs were designed and installed on the steep path which has been used for decades but was never an official garden trail. Over the years the slope had become highly eroded from foot traffic.

Scout Jose Gonzalez led his troop and garden volunteers in the project with the goal of not only stabilizing the slope and making it easier to walk up for hikers, but to create erosion control measures, too.

The park fire - an electrical fire in an exhibit building surrounded by brush at the LA Zoo which broke out at approximately 9:20am - threatened to halt the project almost as soon as it began, but once fire fighters and an LA County Fire water tanker hit the fire hard it was back to work for the scouts.

By successfully completing this project, Jose Gonzalez also earned his Eagle Scout badge. Way to go, Jose!