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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

GPWayist endorses Paul Krekorian in today's CD2 election

Today is the special election to fill the City Council seat vacated by Wendy Gruel who became City Controller earlier this year. This is a subject that is not directly park related, but that certainly affects the future of all of Los Angeles' parks as the budget deficit downtown enters a new phase of ugly and parks funding is once again on the City chopping block.

This particular campaign has been one of the ugliest in recent memory. For a boatload of reasons, Griffith Park Wayist is endorsing Paul Krekorian for Council District Two. The Daily News endorses Krekorian, while a City Hall-entrenched LA Times publishes fluff on their rational for supporting opponent Chris Essel.

Probably the most important reason of all to support Paul is that Tom LaBonge supports Essel which should be enough to have any friend of Griffith Park running to vote for Krekorian whether they live in the district or not!

In all seriousness now, Mayor Sam does a great job of laying out the black and white as to why Krekorian is the clear choice (which is why we didn't do it here):

Summation: Why Paul Krekorian Over Chris Essel (Mayor Sam)

For just some of the sordid related details, read:

The Million-Dollar Question: Why Is Chris Essel So Important to the City Hall Political Machine? (Ron Kaye LA)
Outside groups shatter spending record in L.A. City Council race (LA Times)
Wiesenthal Center Weighs In On CD2 Negative Mailers (Village to Village)

GPWayist urges everyone to get out and vote - we citizens of Los Angeles have no darned business complaining about things if we don't participate in the political process, ugly as it can be at times.

And when it's over and you don't know what to do with the 20 million Essel campaign mailers you received in your mailbox, we suggest taking Paul's advice. It's good for the environment, and great for your mental state!