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Monday, November 30, 2009

Guess who is running the park rangers*?

Go on, guess.

No, last I heard Chief Al Torres - a popular 30 veteran - is warming a desk somewhere where the phone never rings. Good stuff.

Guess again.

(bzzzzz) - wrong! It's the GSA Office of Public Safety gang! Our park rangers don't have a chief, and GSA OPS has kindly lent one of their own to play Chief. Isn't that convenient? Between some OPS lieutenant and beloved AGM Kevin Regan, Wrecks and Parks got it all covered even though what they're up to is, er... illegal. Yeah, illegal. But hey - it's Los Angeles! The law doesn't apply here. ("Li'bility? We don't care about no stinkin' li'bility....")

Bet all those community folks and folkettes who fought so hard to save park rangers are loving that GSA OPS is running their rangers now. Bet they love the idea that half the ranger staff are doing just interpretive tree-hugging stuff now too. Yet they get paid the same as the smokies doing all of the job!

I'd just love that, too. Where do I sign up?

I'm sure we all noticed how great Ranger service has been since Nov. 8th. After all, GSA OPS provides great service, don't they? Plus, they're just so darned efficient! Now that IS park progress for the people. Yee haw!

Well, kewl. Mebe with the new leadership we can finally get some of this wicked action in Griffith now too.

*facetiousness red-alert - you were warned.