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Sunday, November 1, 2009

New benches for everyone!

The Department of Recreation and Parks seems to have some kind of funding stream for benches of late. This story comes courtesy of Martha Benedict of the Debs Park Advisory Board:

The Debs Park Advisory Board is pleased to announce that two new benches have been installed at one of the most dramatic vista spots in Debs Park. Board members worked with Rec & Parks to find the right place to spend some of the department's limited resources for the benefit of hikers. Last summer, Jorge de Loera, Andy Ho and Bill Lopez travelled around the park with Debs PAB chair Martha Benedict and selected on the intersection of three trails directly above the Audubon Center.

This morning Rec & Parks staff Dan, Duane, Ricardo, Adan and Jose along with community service workers Juan and Richard installed the terra cotta benches on previously poured concrete bases. Duane was the epoxy man who cemented the benches in place with help from the others. Jose operated the forklift with skilled precision to place the seating. Afterwards, staff arrived to bolt the benches to the bases with L-brackets.

The two new benches provide a resting place with dramatic views of downtown, the Southwest Museum and the San Gabriel Mountains. Debs PAB members Michael Perez, Ann Walnum, Nancy Wyatt, Tom Marble, Sybil Venegas, Jeff Chapman and Martha Benedict all participated in the planning of this installation.

Many thanks to the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks for this enhancement to Debs Park.

See photos of the installation here.  (Click any thumbnail to see the enlargement, click next/previous to move through the photos, click index to return to the thumbnails.)