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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Community forum with City Attorney

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich will be the guest speaker at a community forum at the Autry National Center this Monday, November 9th. The meeting starts at 7:15pm with refreshments at 6:45. The forum is part of a series presented by the Loz Feliz Improvement Association.

After kicking Jack Weiss's pathetic ass in the election for Rocktard Delgadillo's job, Nuch's short time in office has been pretty ....rocky.

Question: Will Mulholland Terrace go to the event and clown around with Carmen?

Another far more important question:

Trutanich promised to shut down lawsuits resulting from illegal employee-related practices and get rid of employees who constitute potential future threats by their actions.

Given this, why does Chief Gary Newton of the Office of Public Safety -- who was just found guilty along with the City of Los Angeles of illegal and discriminatory hiring practices to the tune of more than $1.5 million -- still have his job and title?

As a follow-up: Why do the people Newton illegally hired and who were not qualified for their jobs at the time of hiring also still have those high-paying public safety jobs?