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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ilegal poachers in Station Fire area nabbed


(661) 723-2703

Sunland resident Elaine Brown reports the following excellent take down:

"....Due to the availability of a call-if-you-see-hunters phone number given to us by Mike McIntyre the Forestry person in charge of the Burned Area of the Station Fire, we were able to catch a couple of poachers who were hunting deer behind the Riverwood Ranch today. According to the (US Forest Service) rangers, they have been trying to catch these guys for a long time...

FYI that number to call is (661) 723-2703"

Riverwood Ranch:

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Hunting is illegal within Los Angeles City limits. I personally had a run-in while hiking within City limits with bow-hunters shooting all around me in the same area not too long ago. Hopefully these are the same irresponsible scumbags and they will be going away for some time.

Griffith Park has illegal poachers from time to time, as does Hansen Dam. As always, the numbers to call are:

(323) 644-6661 - Park Rangers
(323) 913-7390 - OPS

Make sure you call all of the numbers so that the call is officially logged by all these agencies.

Logs define need for service in Los Angeles' large parks, even if the agency cannot actually respond to the call for whatever reason. Make sure you are on record with the need by calling it in when you are in a safe location and can safely make the calls. Otherwise, no logs = no need. Unfortunately, that's how this City works.