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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Status of the Cr VI lawsuit against Disney et al.

From the  website of plaintiffs Environmental World Watch Inc. "updated 1/08/2010":
The case in downtown Los Angeles Superior Court is moving along nicely. The next hearing is scheduled for January 2010. The previous demurrer motions by defendant were denied by the court and the case will proceed in accordance with the time frame established at the case management hearing.

Keep in contact with this web-page for monthly updates and/or BREAKING NEWS. CBS Television in Los Angeles and other media outlets have taken significant interest in the case and are waiting for the next chapter to this 1939-2010 story of enviromental [sic] damage.

Further testing and evidence gathering has revealed a much larger case and contamination isopleth. New EWW counsel Girardi/ Keese, LLP will announce the filings of pertinent information in new jurisdictions soon. Preliminary findings and subsequent back-up testing have revealed in early 2010 that most of the City of Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Griffith Park trails, portions of Burbank and Glendale appear to be contaminated with Cr. VI at unsafe levels.

The recent announcement by the State of California Office of Enviromental [sic] Health Hazard Assessment [OEHHA] that the Public Health Goal [PHG] for Cr VI is going to be lowered to near the level of detection [at or about 1 part per trillion] impacts the No Significant Risk Level [NSRL] for carcinogens. The significance of this scientifically formulated enforcement tool could be devastating for companies that have left a Chromium VI contamination plume in California.