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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Put up or shut up in CD 4

According to the City Clerk's website, Mr. Stephen Box has successfully gathered enough signatures to qualify for the CD 4 election.

More importantly, we hear through the grape vine that Box has opted for a more professional look. If true, this makes him far more competitive. That fact is indeed a sad commentary on the shallowness of the American electorate. Shallow as it is, if you are a serious candidate you really must conform and it looks like Box is putting up.

As soon as Box releases a new publicity shot, we'll post it.

Another infamous lame duck.
For those of you who get night terrors at the thought of a Lame Duck Tom LaBonge, remember that to run a winning campaign a candidate needs roughly $150,000. To avoid the night terrors, you may want to consider making a donation to Box's campaign.

If you're afraid of the revenge of the Labonge - and some CD 4 denizens are, which is a truly tragic commentary in and of itself - then perhaps you have a friend outside CD 4 who might (want to) donate some funds to Box in their name if quietly slipped to them.*

Otherwise, no crying when LaBonge is re-elected and the NBC Universal mega-expansion sails through without a hitch.

It's time to put up or shut up in CD 4.

Interesting article from the LA Weekly on Box's mastery of the social network.

*Update - one of our readers points out that this is a violation of some campaign law, although one imagines it happens all the time. No one is advocating violating campaign ethics laws. So the reader's suggestion is a donation of $99 which remains anonymous. If you have a big family, have everyone of voting age donate $99. 1500 anonymous donations gets Box there.