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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Disney Didn't Have A Permit. Did LADWP Have A Clue?

When your chief environmental engineer is named Goofy, Dopey or Stromboli, it may be time to rethink your corporate infrastructure.
The greater caution may be, however, if any of these gents decide to leave the private sector for public service in a municipal utility, it might be time to shut down the town and head for the hills.
We know from previous documents that LADWP had oversight of Headworks, hereinafter "Hexworks."
We now know that Disney reportedly did not have a permit (page 6 here). The U.S. District Court found that allegations were sufficiently supported that Disney violated the Clean Water Act (CWA) by discharging a pollutant from an "identified point source" without a permit and the EWW plaintiffs were allowed to continue with their case.
Reasonable people would have to agree that in order to get an environmental suit thrown out of court or at least specific allegations tossed aside, one should show up with permit in hand and say, "Look at this!"
Disney didn't.
Probably because they couldn't.
Perhaps because LADWP, the regulating authority, didn't issue one.
Watch out for high winds today...
And if you see newly placed tarps out on the Hexworks field, do let us know.
It would mean Jiminy Cricket has finally taken over the project.