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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cal ARB to L.A.'s Asthmatic Kids, "Merry Christmas! Now Die, MotherF**kers!"

So this is what happens when Democrats are voted in to every major office in California...
And this is what happens when nearly 60% of California's voters show up at the polls and crush Prop 23...
This week, California's Air Resources Board (CARB) will consider a proposal to delay Dirty Diesel Construction regulations an additional four years.
Four years.
According to CARB's own research, that would mean more than 36,000 lives will be lost.
36,000 dead.
As a direct result of air pollution.
And because of CARB's proposed delay, not one of those lives will be saved.
But that's okay with Allan Zaremberg and the familykillers, uh, I mean "job protectors" in the California "Gas Chamber" of Commerce.
It's okay with them if they sacrifice your child's health or a few extra years of having grandma or grandpa over for the holidays for the sake of their profits.
Hey, CalChamber's gotta get this economy moving somehow and, during this season of giving, your family seems like the perfect place to start.
Of course, another benefit to maintaining the current death rate from air pollution would be the boost given to California's Mortuary Industry. Time to shift the 401K, Dad...
With help from CalChamber lobbyists, CARB recently discovered that when the recession hit, Dirty Diesel Construction all but halted in our state. This slowdown meant fewer particulates accumulating in our lungs resulting in "cleaner" air from this business sector.
By essentially being out of business, the Dirty Diesel Construction Industry was actually more in compliance with, uhm, the new weaker regulations that CARB has yet to adopt. Go figure...
This week, CARB will vote on whether to let the Dirty Diesel Construction Industry catch up to its old polluting, killing ways before considering stricter regulations -- like the tougher ones CARB has been working on for the last couple of years through public workshops -- while adopting the aforementioned weaker regs for that future date four years from now when they predict this California economy will really take off.
Then, for sure CARB will stick it to those Dirty Diesel polluters...
After 36,000 Californians have died.
Magical thinking for a magical time of year.
Ho ho hosed...