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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Disneyfication of Griffith Park advances with two new carousels


Where in CD 4 can you find free land to collect all those little things that you dreamed about but weren't allowed to have as a kid?

Answer:     Yep - Griffith Park.

A trusted source wishing to remain anonymous tells GPW Sources say that there are plans in place to add two more Merry-Go-Rounds to Griffith Park in 2011, bringing the total to three. After all, in CD 4, is one of any shiny object ever enough?
The first of the new additions is the Lincoln Park Carousel -LA City Historic Monument #153. The Lincoln Park Carousel was destroyed by scumbag arsonists in 1976, then rebuilt and reopened in 2007 and has continually faced repeated threats of closure due to low interest since then.

The other is a $1 million project proposed for the LA Zoo which will increase the amusement park atmosphere at the soon-to-be-privatized attraction. The Zoo sits on free Griffith Park land, too. When another handing over of public assets to select private parties is complete, that free land will be managed and controlled by  GLAZA rather than the City of Los Angeles and its citizens - the latter being to whom the land was actually dedicated for their free enjoyment by Griffith Jenkins Griffith.

It's just so gosh darned swell to see precious public land being so carefully managed by our conscientious public servants.

Wondering what the owners of the historic Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round think about the impending competition. 

Also wondering where the needs assessment is that says Griffith Park could use not just one, but three carousels.