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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breaking: Chromium VI in Griffith Park?

A documented lawsuit against Disney Studios may lead to a reveal of major Chromium VI contamination of sections of Griffith Park, the Los Angeles Zoo, the LA River, and perhaps much of Los Angeles's drinking water.

The Wrap reported back in January that Disney is being sued for an alleged decades-long Chromium VI dump from air conditioning runoff at their Burbank property. From the piece:
An environmental lawsuit against Walt Disney’s 50-acre Burbank film and TV production facility that has been quietly winding through federal court may soon be getting more attention -- and not just for its "Erin Brockovich" connections. At the heart of the controversy is the alleged half-century of dumping by Disney of polluted air-conditioning water into storm drains surrounding its studio complex at 500 Buena Vista St. – affecting nearby homes, the Burbank Equestrian Center, Johnny Carson and Polliwog parks, and parts of Griffith Park.

The August 2009 federal lawsuit, filed by Environmental World Watch and several individuals who live near the Disney studios, alleges the discharge contained excessive levels of the carcinogens Trichloroethylene (TCE) and Tetrachloroethylene (PCE), as well as hexavalent chromium, more familiarly known to viewers of “Erin Brockovich” as Chromium 6.
Now come reports of the possible spreading of Cr VI from this source via the LA River and the Griffith Park property alongside the river and the 134 freeway called the "Headworks".

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This is the land that the DWP was supposed to be installing underground water tanks to take the place of the Silverlake Reservoir in the City's water distribution system.  Construction at the site unexpectedly came to a halt earlier this year. DWP representatives at public meetings stated at the time that the delay was due to drilling hitting previously unknown sediment layers that were unstable. It is unclear whether the delay has anything to do with the breaking rumors of Cr VI contamination.

Read the plan for Headworks at the DWP site.

Plan discussion from LA Creek Freak.