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Friday, December 17, 2010

Four More Years! (of asthma, autism, cancer, heart attacks, strokes and other alphabetized ailments...)

California's Air Resources Board declared victory today for everybody except poverty-stricken children living along transit corridors, near industrial sites, or next door to gigantic corporate farm operations in the San Joaquin Valley.
(Yikes, I can't start the holiday vacation like that. I need a more positive spin.)
(Okay, here we go:)
California's Air Resources Board declared victory today for dirty diesel construction, cancer-causing school buses and unemployed health care workers by delaying, uh, "giving bonus time" to the construction industry so they can better meet California's new, rigorous diesel rules.
In four years.
Unless, of course, in four years they choose to delay the delayed rules because some other industry is negatively affected by CARB's bothersome efforts to protect public health.
I'd post a link to the AP article, but I'm too busy celebrating all the construction jobs that have been saved.