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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Movie Star returns!

Griffith Park's Travel Town and L.A. Live Steamers - ridiculously overpriced new station and all - can't hold a candle to this star of more than 100 films and television series.

Who am I?

I'm the Sierra No. 3!

The Movie Star!

The last time this blogger saw the Sierra No. 3, it was in little train bits and pieces inside the Jamestown RR Museum engine roundhouse awaiting funding for restoration. Here are a few of the pics I attempted to take of the Movie Star back in 1997 inside a very spooky roundhouse.
After 16 years and a $1.5 million restoration, here's the Sierra No. 3 on July 3rd, 2010, fully restored and at full steam!

The Sierra No. 3 is in the same league with major Hollywood legends like Cary Grant or Douglas Fairbanks... both Sr. and Jr.  I'm not at all embarrassed to admit that I heaped the appropriate hero worship upon The 3 when I was there for its return to service last weekend, shooting hours of video that Sierra No. 3 mega fans can obsess on along with me at this link.

No sign of Huell Howser, which surprised me.

Here's one video:

Ride the train! WooHoo!

I had the time of my life at Jamestown. Your kids and the kid in you will love this museum and the historic goldrush town nestled in the foothills of Yosemite National Park.

Get your tickets to ride the Movie Star on the first weekend of the month through October at Jamestown. It's well worth the five hour drive from Los Angeles through some of the most beautiful countryside in California.