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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LaBonge kills Library parcel tax motion

Tom LaBonge just asked City Council to "receive and file" his motion for a new parcel tax to restore Library services already being paid for by public fees and taxes.

Smart move.

Now let's see the City take care of their ballooning pension liability. As a taxpayer, I don't remember authorizing my tax money to be used for pensions rather than parks, libraries, and public safety. Do you?

PensionGate: the City's pension liability is a ticking time bomb, and the City Council and Mayor have had full understanding of this for at least a few years now. Have they done anything about it? No.

Why then are the City Council members who are responsible - everyone but Krekorian and Koretz - still in office?

We can vote half of those responsible out of office come next March. It's time.