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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LAFD flyover at American Heroes Airshow

In case you missed the show this weekend, here's some rather pedestrian video of the LAFD helicopter water drop. The water drop was killer cool. The video is pedestrian.

Every public safety agency you can think of had displays at the American Heroes Airshow on Saturday:  LAFD, LACoFD, LAPD, Airport Police, Post Police, LACo Sheriff, LA Animal Services, CERT, CEMP, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and even the FBI to name just a few.

Notably missing from the show were the Los Angeles City Park Rangers who have had a booth in past years. If I had to guess why, I'd guess it is because their Interpretive Unit, who is ostensibly tasked with Community Outreach in parks, now as a rule doesn't work on weekends - the busiest time in parks.

So what is it the Interpretive Unit does, again, exactly? No one seems to know. They are definitely pulling a City paycheck and they are not patrolling the parks nor doing 83% of the specific job activities any longer that their job description says they do. That much is certain.