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Thursday, March 25, 2010

SHS: Save the Hollywood Sign

There are only three weeks left for the Trust for Public Land to come up with the $12.5 million to purchase Cahuenga Peak from a group of Chicago extortionists bent on bilking Los Angeles and Tom LaBonge for every penny they can get their hands on. Their original price was $21 million, so we suppose you could consider the current $12.5 million price a steal. Lucky us.

Where is the fundraising effort at so far?

Total collected to date: $9.5 million.  Time remaining: 3 weeks (April 14th)

Three weeks - three million dollars.

Come on parks folks - Save the Pood! Give till it hurts! Click here to give online.

Note to the BBC and whoever else is publishing this press release:

The Hollywood sign is not in Beverly Hills. Not even close. It is in Los Angeles. Unless you live in the UK. To those folks, all of California is just one big happy Hollywood-TVLand neighborhood.

Waving a big hi-ya neighbor! to our homies in Humboldt County! How's the weather in the 'pood?