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Friday, March 5, 2010

Cut and Pasting Briefs on the Political Scene from CD 14

"The Ring Leader of Deconstructing Public Education in Los Angeles??"
The crusade to continue the dysfunctional folly that is K-16 Public Education in the Golden State, was stripped bare for all to see, in numerous protests state wide.
If anyone needed confirmation that Public Education is now the growth sector for future wards of governmental dependency, all one had to do is listen and view the various news reports on the rallies/ exercises in civil disobedience, that were the hallmarks of yesterday's "call to action".
In Downtown LA, UTLA's finest led by their leader AJ Duffy (pictured above being arrested at a previous protest) and his fellow "operatives of public indoctrination", yelled, chanted and held signs in the best tradition of protest.
As usual, Prop 13, Republicans, and a lack of your tax dollars, are to blame for the current state of educational affairs in California.
But am I the only to see that the likes of AJ Duffy and his "band of leftist indoctrinators" at UTLA, along with their "teachin brothers and sisters" statewide, are in endanger of being "charter out of education"??
Since I escape from the grasps of my K-12 captors in the mid-80's (not without some educational scars such as my ability to "spoll corectly" on occasion), LAUSD and numerous other public education enclaves, have further slipped into the abyss of public indoctrination/ governmental dependency. Thus, the ability to truly liberate students with the power of a quality education has given way to social engineering run amok.
The latest "education flavor of the moment" which are small campus learning communities, are now the "Social Justice Academies" which spend more time in furthering the cause of dis enfranchisement and less time in bringing about "integration through education". One can envision a time in the near educational future ,when high schools will see AP classes in Social Justice and college credit given for "fence jumping and mass protestation".
Hopefully before then, rational minded citizens will retake control of the educational process through the Charter Movement and most important, an renew campaign for vouchers, which will bring true choice in education.
** The "Great Los Angeles Billboard Debate" continues with new national exposure, more salient bloggin observations, and some familiar characters joining the fray.
Yesterday, Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh, commented briefly about City Attorney Carmen Trutanich effort to bring "law and order" to the "Wild, Wild, West of Billboard Proliferation".
The Los Angeles Time Editorial Board offers "reason support" in contrast to the ill-inform rants of Columnist Tim "Kim Il" Rutten, the "Dear Leader" of objectively, left-wing bias journalism at the "Old Gray Hag on Spring Street.
Then there is the "timely" arrival of Defence Attorney Steven G. Madison. During the City Attorney Campaign, Madison took part in an bizarre episode where he and Jack Weiss Campaign Manager Ace Smith, attempted to intimidate KRLA Talk Show Host Kevin James and others at a City Hall rally. With Madison now representing some of the latest building owners targeted by Trutanich crackdown on illegal super graphics, one cannot help but speculate on the "behind the political scene reasons" for Madison to get involve in the City Attorney's efforts to reign in the out of control, proliferation of illegal super graphics and billboards??
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