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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Morning tidbits

GPW - white ceanothis near Toyon Canyon, Feb 28, 2010

Springtime in Griffith Park! The ceanothis is blooming like crazy. Get out and enjoy it.

Speaking of crazy, you really have to wonder at the planning that went into a conference display by the LAPD and LA County DA Steve Cooley highlighting some of the police agency's highest profile crimes. Not only were the materials displayed actual case evidence, but highly disrespectful of the victims' families - familes with last names such as Kennedy and Goldman. Someone should be investigating the criminal lack of common sense.


Another weekend of rain. In spite of the fact that some of GPW's blogging family live butt-up against the Station Fire burn zone, we will resist saying that we're sick of the rain. LA desperately needs it so the DWP can charge us 30% more for bringing it to our doorstep.

What we don't need are any more of the psychopaths that set fires. We're definitely sick of those. Meanwhile, please heed evacuation orders and utilize your own common sense.

More common sense issues: Three elementary school teachers are suspended for holding up O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman, and RuPaul as role models during Black History month. Simpson is an obvious issue, Rodman only slightly less so. But RuPaul? Unless GPW has missed something significant, RuPaul is hardly in the same league as a violent murderer (alleged), and a hard-core high-profile alcoholic and drug addict. Not in any sense. That said, there are so many amazing role models to choose from, you just gotta wonder.

The LA Times once again forgoes actual journalism and goes with a City Hall press release pronouncing Mayor V's outrage. Thinking Mayor V should look in the mirror at his own suitability as role model material. But by all means, be outraged.

On the Parks front, there's a rare plant survey planned for Griffith Park. Seven very rare species have been previously identified in one of the most at-risk wildlands area we enjoy here in Los Angeles. For you plant fans, the seven documented CNPS-rare species are:

• Berberis nevinii,  Nevin's barberry
• Juglans californica,  Southern California black walnut
• Phacelia hubbyi,  Hubby's phacelia
• Calochortus catalinae,  Catalina mariposa-lily
• Calochortus clavatus,  Yellow mariposa-lily
• Calochotrus plummerae,  Plummer's mariposa-lily
• Lilium humboldtii var. ocellatum,  Humboldt lily

Walk softly around these beauties.  The Griffith Park Natural History Survey people and Cooper Ecological are leading this effort.