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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Greetings from the "Cut and Paste Barrio" of Ciudad de Los Angeles

"Tony Villar protecting my bloggin free speech rights"

Hola!! Is anyone out there in the bloggin cybersphere??
One might remember me for I use to practice the art of "spolling and pontificating" at some former "Dead Mayor Blog".
Now after wandering the cyber wilderness for sometime, it is now time to hitch my bloggin "carpetbag of political missives" here at the Wayist and give some relevant thoughts on the a "ciudad" heading towards the abyss.
** What would be an discussion about City of Los Angeles politics without some thoughts on City Terrace native Antonio Ramon Villar, aka. "Mayor Antonio Parkervillar"? It seems that the Mayor has some problems with a few teachers at Wadsworth Elementary in South LA who had students hold pictures of O.J. Simpson, former Lakers player Dennis Rodman, and "entertainer" RuPaul, during a Black History Month parade. But if my memory serves me correctly, was it the same Mayor Parkervillar who channeled the "dialect of Jive" during Black History Month festivities at City Hall?
** More regarding Mayor Parkervillar. Just wondering whether our Mayor will showcase his ability to speak in various cultural tongues this evening when he hosts an pre-Oscars party at Getty House? His ability to speak the "dialect of the working class" may come in handy with some "union party crashers" expected. But it seems to this blogger that the mayor is taking a crash course in the language of SCABS.
** Well, well, it seems that CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes vision of an density utopia may have some long term health consequences for does in the Puerta del Sol version of Ed Reyes "density for all" in Lincoln Heights.
** That supposed naughty, dare I say, "Republican from Long Beach", known to most of us as our City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, is moving forward in his quest to bring law and order to the rampant problem that is the proliferation of illegal billboards in Los Angeles.
** What would my return from wandering the cyberwilderness be without some CD 14/Councilman Jose Huizar chisme? It seems that the CD 14 councilman has been getting some flak from the Hillside Village Property Owners Group in El Sereno over "brownout" cutbacks in fire service at the local Station 16 Fire House. But while "Team Huizar" seek to choreograph the community dialog to their political advantage, community members are asking questions about an certain discretionary fund call the CLARTS Fund that could be use to offset budget cuts in key public services.
** More Councilman Huizar news. Team Huizar, with their boss in the lead role, presented this morning a panel discussion on "Campaign Finance Reform" at City Hall. But according to the "Dat, Dat, Dish Column" at the Los Angeles Garment and Citizen Newspaper and from the streets of CD 14. The likes of Mayor confidant Cynthia Ruiz and others, are mulling taking on Huizar in 2011.
** From the little newspaper that delivers the facts, The Los Angeles Garment and Citizen. A major preservation battle is brewing over the ambitious plans to change the Barlow Hospital complex in Elysian Park.

In closing, special thanks to the Griffith Park Wayist for this opportunity to continue the bloggin crusade in pulling "Ciudad de Los Angeles" away from the abyss.
Your thoughts................