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Friday, March 12, 2010

Cut and Paste Brief on the Los Angeles Political Scene from CD 14

"Does Assemblyman Kevin de Leon support union busters/ scabs??"
Shout out to Assemblyman Kevin de Leon, maybe you should change the title of your "Woman of the Year Award" to "Community Vendida of the Year" and are you being a "vendido" in supporting "connected non-profits", over unionize Recreation and Parks employees?
Remember back to 2008 when you anointed the "Hillary Clinton" of the Northeast Democrats and charter member of the fraudulent "Southwest Society of Vendidos y Vendidas" of the Southwest Museum, Carol Jacques with the "Woman of the Year" honor? While she may have been an "rainmaker" in terms of raising money for your political aspirations, she was reguiled by many in the community for her steadfast support of the Autry/Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa/ Councilman Jose Huizar plan, to loot the priceless Native-American treasures of the Southwest Museum.
Now two years later, you bestowed your annual honor on long-time political operative and current Legacy LA Executive Director Maria "Lou" Calanche, who is the point person for Mayor Villaraigosa/ USC's plan to remake the supposed neighborhood of her upbringing. I say supposed because she can't figure out whether she grew up in Ramona Gardens Housing Project or somewhere else nearby. ** (BTW, thanks to Sandra Torres for the clarification on Calanche's true childhood resident).
Calanche, who has worked for the likes of former Councilman/ Assemblyman Richard Alatorre, USC, East Los Angeles College and was a three-time loser for political office, was recruited by Legacy LA founder Jenny Krusoe to push the "Legacy Trojan Horse Agenda" on her community. with approval of Councilman Huizar and Mayor Villaraigosa.
Recently, as noted in a previous post at Mayor Sam, Calanche's Legacy LA employees have been openly competing with the Ramona Gardens and Hazard Park Recreation Centers, to recruit youth for their similar programs that they run out of the Hazard Park Armory. Further, Calanche associate "Monique" is working for both Hazard Park and Legacy LA, an obvious conflict of interest, that has been ignored due to "politics".
It should be noted that in the past, Calanche has "express her disdain" with Recreation and Parks and has told the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council, that they plan to conduct "recreation programs" in El Sereno, Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights in the future. Could we call this a sneak preview on how recreation programs will be dispensed in a "new Rec. and Parks"??
One should also note that a major source of Legacy LA's funding at this time, comes from Gang Reduction, Youth Development contracts, that are control by the Mayor's GRYD Office, formerly under the direction of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Chief of Staff Jeff Carr. While Rec and Parks employees face layoffs, furloughs and pay cuts, non-profits like Legacy LA are exempt from cuts.
There is also a troubling incident that took place at Hazard Park in the Spring of 2009, where a Rec. and Park employee vehicle was vandalize and spray painted with racist comments and threats. some are speculating that this was done to force the employee out of Hazard Park for enforcing department policies and procedures, that ran counter to the interest of allies connected to Legacy LA. Sadly, the employee with the department fearing for the person's safety, did transfare to another facility.
Thus, for Assemblyman Kevin de Leon, who was a former union organizer, hopefully he will remember that hundreds of Rec and Parks employees, many who work within his district, could use his support in this historic budgetary crisis. But if he chooses to support "connected non-profits such as Legacy LA, over the union employees of Rec. and Parks, for "political motives" (ie. supporting Assembly Speaker John Perez cousin Mayor Antonio Villaragosa/ USC's plans for the Biotech Research Corridor near Hazard Park/ Ramona Gardens), then unions should reconsider their support of de Leon's State Senate aspirations.
After all, being a "Scab" is something you do not want on your liberal, progressive political resume Kevin.
Your thoughts................