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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DWP funding for Holiday Light Festival goes bye-bye

Shed no tears for the half-million idling cars that won't be clogging up Griffith Park, I-5, Los Feliz streets, and the air you breathe come Thanksgiving.

The DWP as part of a $400 million cost-cutting measure has axed the EcoMoron Award-winning Holiday Light Festival.

LA Times:
Among the items eliminated, officials said, is the popular Holiday Light Festival, the annual light show in Griffith Park between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The DWP has funded the festival for 14 of the last 15 years. Also to be cut are two smaller holiday light festivals, one in Leimert Park and the other on the 1st  Street Bridge. The DWP will save $1 million a year eliminating the holiday light shows, said Joseph Ramallo, a DWP spokesman.

Now take a deep breath - count to three - and listen for Tom LaBonge announcing how he will fund his own EcoMoron-candidate version. Wait for it... wait....