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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cahuenga Peak repurposed as a Frat House

"The Couch", dude.
Land on the top of Cahuenga Peak may officially belong to the Department of Recreation and Parks now, having been "saved" by Tom LaBonge, but private individuals recently took it upon themselves to develop some of that land near the Tree of Life for their own personal use.

What use?  To  par-tay, dude! What else would you do with it?

Persons unknown have installed both a ratty old party couch and an illegal zipline on the Cahuenga Peak property. Neither are authorized.

"The Couch" seen from the other
end of the zipline, dude.
The Hyperventilation blog has lots of photos and video of the zipline as the author hikes to the line and takes a ride. The blog also identifies someone named "Max" as the perpetrator.

Hyperventilation has published this video of their zipline ride on Youtube:

The blog also published their video of them holding a barbecue on a public street below the Hollywood Sign after the ride.  Wonder how many fire ordinances that may have violated.

You really have got to feel for the Tree of Life. It somehow manages to survive being roasted in 2007, only to find itself now part of someone's outdoor frat house. Hopefully trees can't get bed bugs.

You also have to wonder why people feel they can simply 'help themselves' to undeveloped land and use it for whatever selfish reason strikes them. Sadly, it happens all to often.