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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

City Council opposes Lopez Canyon appeal, legal action likely next

City Council votes against the Lopez Canyon appeal 13-0, Paul Krekorian MIA.

In Lopez Canyon, a green waste facility operates at 5 times its legal size, and now a new industrial use - the truck driving academy - is being forced onto the Open Space property. Other appropriate sites exist in the Valley for this project, but Richard Alarcon wants it on Lopez Canyon

In watching the hearing, it was amazing to hear one of the top administrators of the Planning Department insist that supporters of the Lopez Canyon appeal simply don't know what they are talking about.  People who she asserts are clueless include all five County Supervisors, the Sierra Club, the Santa Monica Conservancy, more than 10 neighborhood councils, more than 40 home owners and civic associations, and everyone living around this land.

If people want a fair trial, it will take legal action outside the laughable City process. A process where the City and City employees and mayoral appointees are the applicant, researcher, judge and jury of its own unethical project.  External legal action will eventually tell whether or not the supporters of the appeal know what they are talking about.

Out of curiosity, we at GPWist want to know if Tom LaBonge, who voted to deny the appeal, would support putting the same project on Toyon Canyon Landfill in Griffith Park. He should, since he supported this project location. Or was Tom's vote simply payback to Alarcon who is supporting Tom's attempt to take neighborhood council funds to pay for council office shuttle busses?