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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bless you, Paul Krekorian

Krekorian is voting against the Truck Driving Academy ... at Lopez Canyon. He totally supports the project, but at another location. Paul Krek repeatedly asks the for and against crowd to work together to find the win-win solution.

Mayor's union guy, Larry Frank, swears this is the only location in the entire SFV to locate. (That is truly hard to believe).

The vote is a draw - 1 for (Huizar), 1 against (Krekorian). No recommendation from PLUM.

Alarcon unfortunately will be suggesting the direction for the full council to vote on June 30th.

I totally support the project too if it is in a location that is not zoned open space, and does not continue to torment the people who are within earshot. Vibroacoustic disease is real.

Looking forward to a blow by blow analysis of the hearing by Joe B.