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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Park-ing LA tidbits

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The Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council wants YOU to get involved. Quite honestly, before crazy people completely take over and sink one of the City's first neighborhood councils, please consider becoming a candidate for District Representative on the GGPNC Governing Board. To get your name on the ballot for the March 20th GGPNC Elections you need to file before the deadline on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. Click here for links to more info. Please. Hurry. Take one for Team Not-Crazy-Humans.

Expansion expansion expansion!  That's the plan for Griffith Park 2010, starting with LA Live Steamers!  The Griffith Park LA Live Steamers Station Project is proposed plan for a considerable new station building and restrooms at the Live Steamers facility. The claim is that they don't have any public restrooms, but in reality they do have - IF you are a contributing member.  Vewy eeenteresting.....

Richard Alarcon has decided that he alone is The Decider regarding what to do with the failed Children's Museum building on Hansen Dam land. So far, he's held private parties in the building, and is in the process of interviewing entities who would just love to move into a $55 million free building built on park land for $1 per year.  That $55 mil includes $10 million of Prop K for Kids recreation money - rare PUBLIC RECREATION money.  As we've noted before, Griffith Park barely dodged this salt-water-injected bullet in 1999 thanks to a galvanized group of citizens who knew better than the City officials did, obviously.

There's a new fitness training group meeting Saturday mornings in Griffith Park. Check it out here.

According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the second public meeting for the Sepulveda Basin Master Plan update has tentatively been scheduled for Saturday, February 6, 2010 beginning at 10:00 a.m. Location:  TBD  The second Hansen Dam Master Plan meeting hasn't been announced yet, or if it has then the Hansen Dam Park Advisory Board isn't telling anyone - i.e. the public - about the public input meeting. That wouldn't exactly be a surprise from this group, or from the Army Corps of Engineers either.

On January 2nd, a male teenager had a thought - wouldn't be a great idea to get absolutely blitzed and then go hiking on mountains in Griffith Park? Sure! After being found by Park Rangers, this Darwin award special mention was transported to the hospital without incident.

The same day, a man was seriously injured in Griffith Park when an off-leash dog went after his horse, who then threw him, breaking his arm.  People: keep your dogs on-leash. We know you hate it, but public parks are not your private property. For the safety of everyone, all animals, including horses, dogs, and little humans, must be "under control" at all times by the responsible party. 

To kick-off the year ETI Corral 38 (Griffith Park) invites you all to clean out your closets, tack rooms, barns and garages and participate in the Corral 38 "Used Tack & Show Clothing Sale & Fundraiser" on February 14 to raise funds for the corral and help everyone sell what they don't need or get what they do need for their horses and upcoming shows. So get cleaning and mark your calendars.... and we have no idea who to contact on this event. Someone e us with that info...