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Thursday, January 21, 2010

GGPNC candidates list is in

The official Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council candidates list has been published by the City Clerk's office, and what a surprise - the two nut cases are on the list.

This year, total whackjob Tomas O'Grady announced loudly that he has a running mate in fellow lightweight philanthropist Leslie Vankeuren. The two are running "as a team" in the same district. VanKeuren is an environmental consultant. She owns and runs Sustain LA, about which the web site says "Sustain LA, a consultancy providing plans of action for adopting sustainable practices, reducing waste and improving efficiency to Los Angeles area businesses... 

What is noteworthy with the candidates list are the names that are missing. It appears the nut jobs have succeeded in chasing out a lot of the familiar faces. That's bad news, because some of those individuals did a bunch of good, hard work for the community and for the park.

The demise of this neighborhood council seems to be well underway, then.  A number of others are already completely overrun with angry haters and power-seeking insiders. Can the entire neighborhood council system be far behind?

GGPNC board candidates

District A (Griffith Park)
Jeff Gardner
Laura Howe
Mio Vukovic
Frank W. Masi
Robert J. Menz

District B
Christina A. Khanjian
John F. Jon Jr.
David A. Ubersax
Ron Ostrow

District C
Alexander C. De Campo
Daniel S. Sandman
Andrea M. Iaderosa
Dominic Patten
Harpreet K. Malhi

District D
Sarah A. Latier Napier
John Q. Lee
Tomas P. Wilson
Leslie VanKeuren
Tomas O' Grady

District E
Jessica C Kornberg
James M. McEwen
Mark F. Mauceri
Charlie M. Mims