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Friday, January 15, 2010

More loonies in the Griffith Park NC hen-house

~Heads Up~ 
 Los Feliz locals and Griffith Park advocates:

Next Tuesday is the last day to apply to run for the governing board of the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council.

If this is your neighborhood council, you really should be concerned. Board members represent you. They spend your money in your name. Their conduct represents your community.

In this particular case, this board and its elected members are the de facto stewards of Griffith Park, so this election concerns us at the Wayist a heck of a lot.

The next GGPNC Board Meeting is Tuesday January 19th at 7pm. You may want to attend and see just who is representing you and, perhaps more importantly, how they are representing you.

Griffith Park Wayist encourages all people of good conscience to run in this election. We also encourage you to vote for anyone running except a current board member named Tomas O'Grady. We covered the why in detail earlier this week (click here to review).

During the course of the discussion on O'Grady, Wayist commenters kept linking O'Grady to another current board member and candidate, someone named Mark F. Mauceri. In checking around, it looks like this citizen is another someone who the park would likely do better without.

Mauceri seems to be the local politics soul mate of O'Grady, and information to this blog is that the two men are typically connected at the hip during orchestrated hit and run attacks on specific GGPNC Board members and issues at meetings. The vitriol in some of their antics is illustrated by one situation where they themselves phoned the employer of another GGPNC Board member and made libelous accusations to the employer about the board member. If 100% confirmed, this stuff is really nasty behavior even for local politics and goes way outside the boundaries of common decency.

Curiouser still is that something purporting to be an objective forum with paid advertising - the Los Feliz Liar - may have signed on to the two men's personal agenda. In documented cases, LFL reporters show up just before one of these hit sessions begin and leave as soon as Mauceri, O'Grady and operatives are finished, curiously showing no interest in the rest of the agenda items at the meeting in question.

It just makes ya go WTF??!? Doesn't it? 

Currently Mauceri seems to be some kind of television consultant in terms of day job. Wondering what's up, we Google'd Mauceri and found some .... interesting  for want of a better word .... publicly-available biographical data.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Mark F. Mauceri 
IMDb Filmography
"Naked Happy Girls" (special thanks) (3 episodes, 2007)
    - Look Ma, No Clothes (2007) TV episode (special thanks)
    - 3's a Crowd (2007) TV episode (special thanks)
    - Give Me Your Naked (2007) TV episode (special thanks)


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