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Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Hallerwatch] NBC Universal Project: Build It!

Frankly, I don't know where else they should build it. Florida, perhaps? Here's the link with Comcast/GE's gloss on it:
For those of you who think I'm in favor of the development, count me as "interested." I'd love to see the studio pony up more places for people to live closer to work, more long term, higher paying entertainment industry jobs and several years' worth of construction jobs. My hope would be that the plans include the greenest standards in the construction phase and LEED Platinum standards for design in creating a walkable entertainment industry centered community built around alternative transit. I'm not arguing with the SCNC, Transit Coalition or Friends of GP -- all present valid points (along with a few silly ones), but Stephen's piece below was published during the heat of his battle for CD4 and is a little heavy on campaign rhetoric.

Addendum: Full disclosure, a few years back, a couple enviros and I were invited to lunch by reps of the architect's firm. We were shown the plans, discussed air quality, LEED standards, etc. I had the salmon.