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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Auto break-ins on the rise in Griffith Park

While the City decreases patrols in the park citing budgetary reasons, thieves are taking advantage of this and car break-ins are on the rise.

Last Saturday, 6 different autos were hit with 'smash and grabs' all before 10 am. Some of the parking lots hit include the Marry Go Round lots and others along Zoo Drive.

Park rangers begin patrol at 10am and go off duty at 8pm. When park rangers are not on patrol, the agency solely responsible for patrolling in City parks is the Office of Public Safety.

When parking in Griffith Park, it probably goes without saying that you should take all valuables with you and not leave them in your vehicle. Also, never leave anything of value in plain sight. Finally, if you are victimized, make certain you report the break-in to both the park rangers and the Office of Public Safety so that it is appropriately recognized in both departments, and then investigated.

Unless public pressure comes to bear, more decreases in patrols are in the works.  Stay safe.