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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

O'Grady Stonewalled in CD 4

Just who did the Stonewall Democratic Club endorse for CD 4 at Monday night's meeting?

Glen Dake, a past Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commissioner, says this on the Twitter:

Stonewall Democratic Club voted 2 endorse Tom LaBonge for re-election in CD4! People say he gives great contituent service.

But Tomas O' Grady claims this on his campaign blog: Stonewall Democrats Political Committee Recommend O’Grady for Endorsement

They're likely both right, but ultimately the official club ignored their political committee's recommendation and chose Tom LaBonge, once again showing a lack of real support for O'Grady.

Unknown if Stephen Box - a very enviro fellow -  was on the radar at the Stone Wall.