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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HexWatch 2011: OEHHA Seeks Public Comment

Winner of the Most Misfortunate Use of an Acronym by a Public Office award (the esteemed MMUAPO award), the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), has sent out a press release (here) seeking comment on Hexavalent Chromium 6 levels in California's drinking water. It's a Public Health Goal referred to in the release as a "PHG" -- to which I respond "OMG." Do send in your comments ASAP.

If you read the doc and get confused by the ppb (parts per billion) being discussed instead of the ppm (parts per million) we have been using in prior posts concerning Hex 6 in soil at Griffith Park's Headworks, fear not, you are in excellent company.

Simply put, Environmental Working Group found L.A.'s drinking water to have 20 ppb of Hex 6 (here).

California's OEHHA is seeking a maximum Hex 6 level in our drinking water of 6 ppb.

Let 'em know how you feel.

If enough of us do submit comments by January 30, they are likely to establish a legal standard for our state.

Meanwhile, U.S. Sens. Boxer and Feinstein are working the feds on establishing standards as well, but that will probably take a while.