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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weirder still - Dick Van Dyke in 3-D tribute to H-Sign

From a goofy press release:

Dick Van Dyke in S3D Debut

MALIBU, Calif., May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- A standing room only crowd gave film and TV star Dick Van Dyke a warm welcome after he made a personal appearance at the Malibu Film Festival on Thursday. Van Dyke plays the title role in The Caretaker 3D, a glowing tribute to the Hollywood Sign, produced under the Demand Z Content shingle by Jeffrey Amaral, who co-wrote the film along with director Sean Isroelit.

50 years after Mary Poppins, the 84 year old star is still enthusiastic about working on the cutting edge of cinema technology. "It's great to actually be here in 3D," quipped Van Dyke, a Malibu resident, marking his first appearance in a 3D film. "I love this 3D stuff. The Caretaker 3D also marks the first time that the Malibu Film Festival has included a 3D film into the program. "The short film is fantastic in 3D," says Festival Producer Ryan Levee, who added, "we're so glad that we were able to project the film in Real-D."

The Caretaker 3D was produced as a tribute to the role of the Hollywood Sign Trust as the custodians of the Global Icon, and is based on 1930's legend of a caretaker who lived behind the letter "L" of the famous landmark. Van Dyke nostalgically portrays the mystical handyman whose job it is to replace the light bulbs that once illuminated the HOLLYWOODLAND sign.

Director of Cinematography on The Caretaker 3D was Allen Daviau, ASC, (E.T., The Color Purple, Bugsy) in his first stereoscopic effort. With stereo camera technology provided by 3ality Digital, post production by FOTOKEM, and VFX by Hydraulx, The Caretaker 3D represents the state-of-the art for 3D filmmaking and is director Sean Isroelit's second award-winning S3D effort in the new "deep" format which is sweeping the film and TV communities today.

"We gave every aspect of The Caretaker 3D 'top shelf' production value," stated producer Amaral, "and Dick Van Dyke's warm portrayal of the title character is the kicker. Based on the enthusiastic response we've had to this short film, we're fast-tracking our next feature length effort, "Magic Carousel 3D", a Mary Poppins -style 3D family musical 'tentpole' that will drive people wild with joy."

"I'm ready to jump right back into 3D again!" affirmed the beloved star with a big smile. "I was born to be seen in three dimensions."

SOURCE The Caretaker 3D